EGU Adopts New Board Structure

  • Jul 21,2020

In a vote at this evening's Board meeting, a new organizational structure for the Empire GU Board has been approved. The motion passed, 6-0.

The new structure shifts Board positions to five voting Boards seats: President, Vice President, Director of Rugby, Director of Governance and Director of Finance.

Following the vote to adopt the new Board structure, a second motion was made and approved (5-0, 1 Abstention) to appoint Lex Maccubbin as EGU's Director of Rugby. In this position, Maccubbin will oversee appointed positions of Men's, Women's, 7s, Referees and HP.

Director of Governance (Gary Heaver) will now have Discipline and Bylaws under its direction. The Administrator (JC Whipple) will remain a non-voting position and report directly to the President.

The new EGU Board structure is as follows: