Empire GU is proud to announce the 2022 EGU 7s Championship Series. The competition will kickoff on June 11 and will feature seven tournaments over the course of the competition.

"Empire GU is excited to welcome our clubs and athletes to our 7s Championship Series," said Ken Pape, EGU President. "This competition always proves to be a combination of great rugby and camaraderie. Credit to Bryan Acciani, Sevens Director, for his hard work on putting this championship together. Best of luck to all team and athletes - let's enjoy a great summer of rugby!"

2022 EGU 7s Championship Series

June 11: Roadkill 7s (Binghamton, NY) Registration | Info
June 18: Rockaway Beach 7s (Rockaway Point, NY) Registration | Info
June 25: Tri-State 7s (Danbury, CT)  Registration | Info
July 2: Rochester 7s (Henrietta, NY) Registration | Info
July 9: New Jersey 7s (South Brunswick, NJ)
July 16: New Haven 7s (Cheshire, CT)
July 23: Buffalo 7s (Buffalo, NY) Registration | Info

Teams participating in the series will have their Top 4 tournament finishes counted towards the standings. 

As the Series has been modified from previous competitions, clubs and members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Series Rules & Information.