Empire GU utilizes Score Reporting via Text for all league regular-season matches.

All Empire GU Game Scores (including Tries) must be entered by the HOME team only, immediately after the game, but no later than 6 P.M. on SUNDAY (for Saturday matches, otherwise by 6PM the day following the match). The scores and tries are to be reported via Text Message to the GU website (EmpireGURugby.com). Results and standings will be updated on the Empire GU’s website immediately upon receipt of Text Message score report. 
Any clubs which have not provided a Score Reporting contact are requested to do so immediately. Clubs should identify one (1) person who will be responsible to report scores and tries for all Home matches. Please provide Name, Email and Cell Number to info@empiregurugby.com immediately.

We are excited about this feature and appreciate your willingness to take part. This is a more efficient method to report scores and provide more immediate access to  GU results.

The Instructions / Overview Sheet describes the process step-by-step. Please follow the instructions listed and refer to Most Common Errors section to assist with challenges. While this should be a straightforward and simple process, we do expect some clubs to have bumps along the way. Should there be an issue with a report, please forward the score and tries to your info@empiregurugby.com.