USA Rugby Policies

The General Eligibility Regulations apply to all matches. Event-Specific Regulations apply to all League/CR/Qualifying Matches. All following general and event-specific regulations must be strictly enforced by the Approved Governing Body for all matches. USA Rugby is responsible for establishing the structure of USA Rugby Championship Events and minimum competition and eligibility standards. The appropriate administrative body (GU/LAU/CR and WPL) is responsible for determining the clubs that participate according to the structure established by USA Rugby (and which may be reviewed from time to time to ensure compliance).

Clubs are expected to familiarize themselves with all pertinent information, including:
* CIPP Registration (Club and Individual)
* Competition Management System (CMS) requirements

Any clubs not in compliance with these policies face potential sanctions from Empire GU and/or USA Rugby. Should there be questions regarding USA Rugby policy, including eligibility, game management or CMS, clubs should contact your respective EGU ED or USA Rugby staff. 

USAR Eligibility Guidelines

USAR CMS Handbook (Competitions Management System)

USA Rugby Technical Zone and Sideline Management Guidelines