SafeSport Protects Athletes & Participants from Abuse and Misconduct

SafeSport is the US Olympic Committee’s program to protect athletes and participants from abuse and misconduct. It is a set of educational courses to inform those in a role of authority on identifying and preventing abuse and misconduct. SafeSport also provides a reporting platform to accept any issues surrounding abuse, misconduct, hazing, bullying, etc.
In conjunction with USA Rugby, Empire GU has fully adopted the program and will follows its education, certification and reporting requirements.

"We are excited to announce our participation in the SafeSport platform through USA Rugby," said Ken Pape, EGU President. "This will be a fantastic training and continuing education resources for those in positions of authority with EGU - coaches, administrators and referees. It also provides a safe harbor for those who may need to report an experience of abuse or misconduct. At the end of the day, this helps to improve our sport - which is what we are all striving for."
Who is Required to be SafeSport Certified? 
All Administrators, Coaches, Referees and others in a position of authority around participants are required to take SafeSport courses. This will be mandatory for the start 2018-19 competitive cycle.
* 3 Modules must be completed* Certification lasts two (2) membership cycles
* Must refresh certification after expiration
* Registration will be ‘in progress’ until completion of all three (3) modules
Reporting Abuse or Misconduct
All EGU members and participating athletes are encouraged to report abuse or misconduct of ANY kind.
Club or EGU Administrators are to not be a ‘filter.’ Send any issues through the SafeSport reporting process at
Mandatory Reporting
All administrators have an obligation to report issues they hear about or see:
* Any issues dealing with a minor
* Any criminal behavior
* Any sexual abuse or misconduct of any kind
* If you are not sure a report has been submitted, please submit a report
When a Report is Made
* Sexual abuse or misconduct reports go to the SafeSport Center for investigation/adjudication
* Non-sexual abuse or misconduct is submitted to USA Rugby’s SafeSport adjudication team (USA Rugby disciplinary sub-committee) for investigation/adjudication
* Reporters will remain anonymous
* Updates are not available on the status of investigations

USA Rugby SafeSport