EGU Statement on Return to Play, Registration / Insurance

  • Sep 17,2020

Empire GU has announced clubs can return to practice, based on state and local guidance for the locality of your club (NY, NJ or CT). Player registration and insurance coverage is now live via USA Rugby.

Player Registration

Empire GU is excited to announce that registration for the 2020-21 competitive cycle is now open. Club and athlete registration is available through USA Rugby.

Sportlomo is the official host of USA Rugby and EGU websites. Registration and payment will be processed through the Sportlomo portal. Upon registration, athletes will be required to create a user account within the Sportlomo platform.

Clubs in USA RTP Stage 3 or 4 who are planning to hold training should register their players, coaches, admins, and club so that liability and accident insurance is in place for these events. A new, less expensive “Training Membership” is available for teams offering programming in these stages. Once a club is in USAR Stage 5, players should then “upgrade” their membership to a full Senior Player which permits competition. Clubs may then schedule friendly matches with clubs who are also in Stage 5 and are adhering to the Midwest’s and USAR RTP protocols.


Athlete Registration "How To"

RTP Guidance

EGU advises clubs to familiarize themselves with USA Rugby RTP Guidelines, and state and local guidance (links below).

USA Rugby RTP Guidelines

NYS Guidance

NJ Guidance

CT Guidance

Training / Competition

Should any clubs have questions on training or potential competition, they may contact Lex Maccubbin, Director of Rugby, at