Empire GU has updated its Medical Guidelines. By a vote of the Board, all clubs are required to submit a completed USA Rugby Emergency Action Plan (EAP) prior to the start of the season.

Any club not providing the required information by October 1 will be considered not in good standing. This will immediately result in the loss of referee assignments and scheduled games being forfeited by the club. These sanctions will continue until the offending club is back in good standing. Any club which forfeits a match is then ineligible for postseason competition.

The USA Rugby EAP must be completed in entirety. In the MEDICAL PLAN section, clubs are expected to list out a plan specific to its policies, match environment and location (this section should not be considered 'fill-in-the-blank').

Each club's EAP will be posted to the Club Directory page on the EGU website. This will provide a central resource and access to emergency information for all clubs.

Clubs should also familiarize themselves with EGU and USA Rugby Medical Guidelines.

All completed EAPs should be sent to info@empire.rugby