Challenge Cup Spring 2019

Rules for the competition.

  1. In round robin play, ties will stand.  
  2. During the round robin, teams will receive match points as follows:
    1. Four (4) points for a win
    2. Two (2) points for a tie
    3. Zero (0) points for a loss
  3. In addition, during round robin play a team may receive bonus points as follows:
    1. One (1) point for scoring four (4) or more tries
    2. One (1) point for a loss of seven (7) or fewer points
  4. Total competition points for each team will be the sum of game points plus bonus points
  5. At the end of the round robin, the winner of each pool will be determined as follows:
    1. The team with the most competition points will the pool winner
    2. If two teams are tied in competition points, the winner of the head to head match will be the pool winner
    3. If two or more teams are tied in competition points, the pool winner will be the team who has the largest positive difference between the total points scored and the total points conceded in all matches.
    4. If teams have the same point difference and are still tied, the winner will be the team with the most tries (including penalty tries) scored in all matches.
  6. The winner of each pool will play will play for the Challenge Cup Championship in D2 and D3.
  7. The home team for the Challenge Cup Championship will be determine as follows:
    1. Prior to the start of the completion, teams have been ranked one (1) to four (4) in their pool (see below).
    2. The team that had the higher within its pool will be the home team.
    3. If both pool winners had the same rank within their respective pool, the home team will be the team that was ranked higher based on fall league play. (NOTE: NYAC “B” was given the lowest pool rank and overall rank because they did not participate in the fall league)
  8. During the Challenge Cup Championship match, if the match ends in a tie, the following procedure will be used to determine a winner. 
    1. When the match is tied, extra time will be played.  After a break of two (2) minutes, two (2) 10-minute periods of overtime will be played to completion with all scores accumulating over the two (2) 10-minute periods.  If the score is still equal after the completion of the first two (2) 10-minute periods, the teams will play successive 10-minute periods with the team that scores points first will be immediately declared the winner and the match will be complete.  Prior to the first overtime period, the referee will organize a coin toss with the two captains.  The winner of the toss decides whether to kick off or to choose an end.  If the winner of the toss decides to choose an end, the opponents must kick off and vice versa.  At the start of each successive overtime period, the teams will switch ends and the team which did not kick off in the previous period will kick off to start the overtime period.  After each period, the teams change ends without an interval.  There is no further coin toss beyond the first overtime period.