World Rugby Regulation 4 (Player Clothing)  

See below from USA Rugby regarding policy on use of Tights in competition. Empire GU will be reviewing and discussing the local policy at the next Board meeting. 


USA Rugby shall adhere to World Rugby Regulation 4 (Player Clothing) guidelines, at all National Championship Series events, and at all designated International Competitions and Test matches.

The local competitions officers / match commissioner can make reasonable policy around the use of Athletic/Covering Tights for the legs of players for their athletes (WR Regulation 4.4-(b)) within their local competitions including Qualifying / League matches.
Any local policy or ruling made around the use of tights must follow the specifications of WR Regulation 4.4-(b) and meet all of the following:
(a) Policy communicated clearly to all teams, coaches, referees and administrators AND published on local competition's website
(b) Allowed only with approval of the local competitions officer/match commissioner (no exceptions).
(c) Allowed only within those competitions specifically approving the local policy (no waivers).
(d) Does not extend to the National Championship Series events (no waivers).
(e) Leggings and tights worn by men and women must meet WR 4.4-(b) standard.

-It is the player's responsibility to verify compliance with the WR guideline in event of any question or challenge by an opposing team (not the referee).