EGU Seeking Nominations for VP Communications

  • Aug 27,2019

Seat to be filled by vote of Board on Sept 9

Empire GU is seeking nominations for the Board seat of VP Communications. Nominations are due not later than Thursday, Sept 5. A vote on the position will take place by the current Board of Directors at the next Board meeting, scheduled for Monday, Sept 9.

Nominations, including a resume / rugby experience, should be sent in advance of the deadline to

A position description is found below:

VICE PRESIDENT - COMMUNICATIONS. The Vice President - Communications shall compile, maintain and publish the Union membership directory to the members of the Union. The membership directory shall consist of contact information for all members, including contact information for individuals associated with full member rugby clubs. They shall correspond with other unions to the mutual advantage of the unions. In carrying out their duties, the Vice President - Communications may delegate administrative functions to the Geographical Union Administrative Director ("GU-AD" or "Paid Administrator").
The Vice President - Communications will be responsible for direct oversight and management of the Paid Administrator in all non-finance aspects of the Union's administrative functions. They shall compile and submit to the President periodical evaluations of the job performance of the Paid Administrator. In the event that the Vice President - Communications is also serving as the Paid Administrator, oversight and management of the Paid Administrator shall be a responsibility of another Officer, to be determined by the President.
The Vice President - Communications shall review and approve the final agenda for Union and Executive Committee meetings (although the President may elect to have another Officer, including the President, to do so from time to time), unless another Officer is appointed to do so.