EGU President's Letter to Membership

  • Mar 24,2020

March 24, 2020

Empire GU Members,

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this troubling time. I wanted to give you an update on matters related to Empire GU and USA Rugby.

I am sure by now you have read the email from the CEO of USAR stating that the governing body is in a dire situation, which was confirmed on a conference call last night for the members of USAR Congress.

Empire GU is still open for business. We have been planning for this for the past several months and the following contingencies were devised. With what transpired on last evening’s call, Plan A is no longer an option, and we are evaluating to make a choice between Plan B or C.

PLAN A: EGU would remain apart of USAR and hope the changes made by USAR be enough for the organization to move forward (based on the call last night, I don’t believe that is a realistic option anymore).

PLAN B: EGU would join a newly-formed “Club Rugby USA.” This organization is currently being devised by fellow GUs and their Presidents. It would allow EGU the best scenario to operate as we have previously and have crossover and championship opportunities within this structure.

PLAN C: EGU would breakaway in entirety and create our own structure. This would ultimately limit our outside competition opportunities. If we chose this option it is likely for a short period of time until another organization pops up.

The GU presidents have been working very hard to ensure we have a business as usual type approach and I am hopeful that the “Club Rugby USA” organization will come to fruition.


* Securing an insurance policy similar to the one we accessed through USA Rugby.. 

* A club / athlete registration portal similar to CIPP registration.

* An internal competition structure that leads to an external competition structure with the other GU’s.

* Coach and Referee educationReferee education has been slow moving and hasn’t really developed as much as we would have hoped. The primary holdup is we are waiting on finding out how USAR will handle education should they close the doors.World Rugby will not work directly with us until USAR has a final designation.

* Financially, EGU is working on a dues structure which makes sense, including what services will be offered and their associated costs.  We do know that if we go with PLAN B, it is projected to have a reduction in dues with the belief there will be increased services.

* EGU is working with a tax professional to get our tax status updated. We are looking at the option of 501c3 and the associated benefits, including filings.

I want to let everyone know I am always available to any of you to answer any questions and help in any way I can.  I ask that if you have interest in helping us during this restructuring period to please contact me so we can get you involved.

My contact info is as follows:Ken Pape


Phone: 732-543-4869

Folks, we are strong and we will overcome these new obstacles. Empire will remain the gold standard for GU’s across the country.

Please call or email me if you have questions.


Ken Pape

President, Empire GU