Playoff Schedule

08APR2017: Quarterfinals (higher seed is home team throughout)

QF#1: #1 Morris 20, #8 South Buffalo 0 *
QF#2: #2 Village Lions 35, #7 Bayonne 18
QF#3: #6 Monmouth 10, #3 Syracuse 8
QF#4: #5 NYRC 41, #4 Old Blue 35

22APR2017: Semifinals
SF #1: #1 Morris 35, #5 NYRC 15
SF #2: #2 Village Lions 27, #6 Monmouth 5

29APR2017: EGU Final
#1 Morris 28, #2 Village Lions 22 

06MAY2017: Atlantic North NCR3 Crossover (Dick Green Field - Albany, NY)
2pm: Morris (Empire) vs. Mystic Barbarians (NERFU)

There are three (3) conferences in D2: New Jersey (NJ), New York City (NYC), and Upstate.  After league play, eight (8) teams will advance to the Empire GU playoffs. The winner of each conference will be seeded #1, #2 and #3. Seeding will be based on normalized competition points (match points + bonus points)/ matches played (see below). The remaining five (5) playoff teams (wild cards) will come from the second-place team in the Upstate Conference, and the second- and third-place teams from the NJ and NYC Conferences. These teams will be seeded #s 4 thru 8. If teams have the same normalized competition points value, then the team with the greater positive difference between points for and points against will be the higher seed.

Competition points are determined as follows.
Match Points
* 4 match points for a win
* 2 match points for a tie
* 0 match points for a loss

Bonus Points
* 1 bonus point for scoring 4 tries or more in a match
* 1 bonus point for losing by 7 points or less in a match

Note: Forfeits are recorded to the team not responsible for the forfeit as a 20-0 win with a bonus point (5 competition points total).  Forfeiting Team shall receive up to negative five (-5) points.